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8 Things That Successful People Do

I just finished listening to Robin Sharma's recent podcast on the eight things that successful people do.  Robin is the author of the very popular book the Monk Who Sold HIs Ferrari and The Greatness Guide.  As much you might be interested in knowing what they are, these principles are not new.  I'm sure many of you have heard these before.  However when you hear great speakers such as Robin Sharma drill into this topic, I find myself motivated and refocused to take on my busy work week.
I'm going to take a moment to highlight some of his keypoints that he talks about.
#1 - Be incrediably focused around your to-do's.
This results in a higher focus on your goals.  Essentially your to-dos should, in one way or another, help you acheive your goals. Do what youhave to to make sure your to-dos are the right ones and are non-negotiable.  I recommend having a to-do list printed infront of you at all times.
#2 - Remain Positive and Passionate
Others will be excited about your attitude.  People are naturally attracted to those that are positive and passionate abuot what they do.  This will help you connect with more people and give you the energy to move forward.  Sometimes this can be hard, but with the right attitude, you will find the silver lining.  Grab on to that.
#3 - Word Hard
Simple two words.. but very seldom implemented.  Very few people get successful on luck.  He mentions a famous quote, "the harder I work the luckier I get".  Many of us strive to become more efficient.  The reason for efficiency is not to neccesarily have more time off.  It's to create more time for working on the the building blocks of your enterprise.
Always look at improving your business, personal life, health, etc.  I've preached to others over the years to impliment a program to "kick-it-up-a-notch" in regards to everything you do in life or business.  After the sale, instead of calling you client once to see if everything is ok.. make several calls spread out over a couple of months. Many people don't do this because they have a fear of hearing anything negative.  Make sure to embrace technological changes as well.

#5 - Use your Time Well
Time is here now and gone as well.. Proper time management will help you master your life.  Make sure you not only have a schedule but it is regularily updated.  Start a daytimer or outlook calendar.  Schedule all your holidays first.  Next plan any regular non-negotiable activities or meetings that are re-occuring.  Now schedule proactive time.  This is your time to get ahead in your business and keeps you for being in reactive mode all the time.
#6 - Add Outrageous Value
What can you do to add value to others?  How can you help others live better?  How can I help someone reach their goals.  It's all about aligning your business with the best intentions of serving your clients.  Here's a tip - add value to someone's life before they become your client.
#7 - Successful People Have Strong Relationships
People do business with those that they trust and like.  Make sure that they know that the decisions that you are helping them make are in THEIR best interest when dealing with them. Spend the time to contact your clients regularily. Robin encourages you to break bread with not only clients but also suppliers.  Don't abuse or trivialize your relationship with supplier, you will find that they will become your greatest promotor.
#8 - Be Devoted to Excellence
Want to be the best.  Stand for the highest.  Get educated, be informed, do the right thing, develop your own mission statement and vision.  Hold yourself accountable.  Trust me, these are allot easily said than done.  It take a truely devoted person to become excellent.
Robin finishes off by talking about the three steps to success:
1. Awareness - be aware of what you are trying to accomplish or what your goals are.
2. Choices - This will lead your to making better choices.  The choices we make everyday are made easier by having a conscious awarness of what we plan to accomplish.
3. Results.  If we are aware of what we are trying to accomplish, and we continue to make the right choices based on that, you will achieve your results.
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