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The difference in winning or losing is most often… not quitting.    ~Walt Disney
Regardless of what our business is actually doing today, there’s no question that we are working through allot of uncertainty in the market place right now, and it can be hard to ignore all the news reports and comments that are coming from both inside and outside our industry.  So how do you get through all this negativity and doom-and-gloom conversations that you might be hearing in your office?
This month’s newsletter explains how to draw upon the power of persistence that lives within us. Success begins with our mindset and is achieved through our continued, patient effort.
Unfortunately, the people that you also spend your professional time with, also play a very big roll on your mindset.  It is said that, "you are the average of the people that you keep company with".  Look around you. Do you spend your office time with positive, forward thinking, productive people?
If the answer to the question above is anything but "most definately yes", please contact me for a one-on-one confidential business review at or 780-439-7000. Armed with the proper mindset and a properly formulated plan in hand, there is no reason for anything but success.
Shami Sandhu|  Broker/Owner
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Are you tired of fruitless prospecting and pounding the pavement for a new, cold lead everyday? If so, try the proven approach that allows you to decrease expenses, strengthen client loyalty and differentiate yourself from the competition.


This month’s business tip explains how the Referral System can help you build a more profitable and fulfilling business. Stay in contact with the people who already know you, provide exceptional service before, during and after the sale, and ask them to refer you to their friends and family. Be consistent and you’ll find that it’s easy to generate the predictable stream of viable leads that you need.
When you devote your time to cultivating positive relationships your business and your personal life will both flourish. Remember that I am always here to help!  RE/MAX offers great material via RE/MAX Design Centre to help you keep in touch with your database and ask for these referrals.  Visit www.joinrivercity.cato see what RE/MAX Associates are using to build their business!


Shami Sandhu|  Broker/Owner
RE/MAX river city| 301, 10171 Saskatchewan Drive | Edmonton, Alberta T6E 4R5
780 439 7000| F 780 439 7248|
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By Amanda Okker, RE/MAX Times Online Editor

A new wave of first-time homebuyers is hitting Canada. In a special series of stories, four RE/MAX agents explain how they accommodate first-time buyers in their markets. Their various approaches contain a wide variety of good ideas.

Expert No. 1: Alex Wilson, RE/MAX Condos Plus, Toronto, Ontario
For Alex Wilson, first-time buyers account for the vast majority of his clientele, largely because they're his peers.

"I do a lot of online networking through social media," says Wilson, a 100 Percent Club member. "I'm spending time developing my Facebook profile and business website to create a couple of good 'destinations' for people to find me."

Tips: 'Get to know them and build trust'

1. Boost face time – I throw a lot of client-appreciation and charity events to build up my network of friends and customers. I do almost no traditional marketing, such as flyers and billboards. Hundreds come to my annual charity boat cruise on Lake Ontario and other gatherings like Buffalo Bills tailgate parties. They get to know me and what I'm all about. There's no hard selling, but I let them know I'm an agent and they can approach me when they have real estate questions.
2. Get on Facebook – It's a big method of promotion, because that's where most young first-timers are. At each event I host, I collect everyone's contact information and later add as many as I can as Facebook friends. I'm up to 750 or so. Then through Facebook and word of mouth, I advertise my next event. It's not a fan page, just my regular Facebook page, and it's completely open for viewing. I only add people as friends who I've met and know. Facebook is a great way to communicate.
3. Wear kid gloves – When I'm first dealing with first-time buyers, they're very nervous about going into an incredible amount of debt. I want to make them comfortable with the entire process, step-by-step. That means starting with prequalification, understanding amortization and feeling comfortable with a certain mortgage payment. After initial "training," I give them a little real estate test to make sure they know where we're headed.
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